Waves plugins: register a 2nd license.


Waves have announced that it is now possible to request and register a second license for most Waves plugins that you own and are covered by a current Waves Update Plan (WUP).
This allows you to have a copy installed on your studio computer and one on your portable without any tedious license moving, either by Waves Central or by loading the licenses onto a USB thumb drive, which has always had the potential for becoming lost whilst travelling.

I am extremely pleased to see Waves getting onboard with this as a roving audio producer who works, not only in different studios, but also in different countries, I have never liked travelling with iLok or USB license keys loaded with expensive licenses.

Up until now my process for travelling with licenses has seen me sent all the licenses to the cloud, travel with a blank USB key and reinstate the licenses when I arrive at my destination. Now I can simply leave the MacBook hard drive authorised with my licenses and not have to remove them from my studio computer either.

Some companies have allowed this for quite a while- Softube, Soundtoys, Empirical Labs, Eventide, Sound Radix and others have been excellent in this regard. I am now waiting for Izotope, McDSP, SSL and Slate Digital to allow second licenses in order to be able to work seamlessly when moving sessions from a portable to a studio desktop.

I realise the concern for manufacturers- that people will share licenses amongst friends and colleagues but this can be managed well, as it has been by those companies who allow multiple licenses.

You can get your second license for your waves plugins from the link below.