Review: Reeves 2n2FACE Fuzz


I admit it, I am a fuzz fiend.
In my collection of way too many pedals about 30% of them are some variant of Fuzz. So I was excited to receive a pedal from a new British pedal builder, Reeves Electro, called the 2n2FACE.

The company is owned by Markus Reeves, a guitar repairer and pedal builder who had been making primarily for friends and local players. His new company has a stable of four fuzz models and one overdrive. The 2n2FACE is Markus’ take on the classic Fuzzface circuit and he knocks it out of the park. As you can see in the photos below the point to point wiring is some of the cleanest I’ve ever seen, it is almost art in itself. Reeves say that they build their pedals “using 2n2222a transistors, JB capacitors and Fischer resistors.  Each pedal is tuned (biased) for the smoothest decay.”
That sounds pretty good to me.

In terms of sound the 2n2FACE is true to the classic sound of a Fuzzface but with a tighter bottom end that doesn’t fart out in an unmusical way, like a Fuzzface sometimes can. Riding the volume pot, the way you would with a traditional Fuzzface, is still a good idea though, opening up many different sounds. My preferred amp with this pedal is a 100w Marshall Jubilee reissue with a Zilla 2×12 loaded with G12M 65 watt creamback speakers.

I’ve not had a chance to record the pedal but will do so in the coming days. For now enjoy the video showing the capabilities of the pedal from Reeves own Youtube channel. I’ll update the article once I’ve had a chance to record it myself.

Perhaps a Fuzz shootout is in order?